This piece from Pamela Bisceglia, Executive Director at AdvocacyDenver, explains how limited education data negatively impacts the lives of parents of children with disabilities.

AdvocacyDenver receives volumes of calls and emails from parents of children with disabilities regarding schools of choice/enrollment. The school district provides a catalog complete with photographs of a diverse student population and a snapshot/description of school performance and academic and non-academic offerings for each school.

The only mention of special education is found on a separate page. The district promises each school has at least one special education teacher and related service providers such as a speech/language pathologist. The notice goes on to say that not every school is able to provide services required by the student’s Individualized Education Program, or Section 504 Accommodation Plan.

When considering enrollment parents/guardians of children with disabilities are at a distinct disadvantage; schools/district do not report when a school has full-time, part time, or half day of nursing or mental health services. The district/schools do not report what if any progress students with disabilities make toward meeting grade level standards and/or on the state assessments. Finally, if your child’s needs are so unique that placement is in a center program, the district does not provide the list of programs and/or where those programs are located.

AdvocacyDenver looks forward to a day where ALL parents/guardians are provided detailed information so that they can make informed decisions in relation to enrollment/choice.

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